I hope you enjoy your day at the Glendale Golf & Country Club.  To avoid any potentially embarrassing situations for you, our Members, or our staff we have thought it prudent to make guests aware of a few of our club rules.

In the spirit of operating a private club we have a dress code that prohibits any tee shirts, cargo shorts and cargo pants. Men’s shirts are to be tucked in and hats are not permitted in the Clubhouse.  Although clean denim absent of any holes or threads is permitted in the Brinkworth Lounge and North Lounge, denim is not permitted on the golf course. Cell phones must be set to the vibrate mode while at the Club and calls can not be made, or taken, inside the Clubhouse area. Please follow this link to our Dress Code.

Please be aware of your pace of play.  All players at our Club are expected to finish their round in four hours or less and to ensure this we track the amount of time each group plays and post it on our tee time management board.  Please keep up to the group ahead of you and I suggest you play from the new silver/tan tee combination of the tan tees if anyone in your group is above a fifteen handicap.  If at anytime your group falls out of position you must wave faster groups through.  Members will call into the golf shop and inform us of slower groups, if we come out to talk with your group the expectation will be that you pick your golf ball(s) up and move to the next tee.

If riding a power cart I ask that you remain on the cart path at all times. Please do not take power carts off of the cart paths on par 3’s. Lastly, please ensure you fix any ball marks you see on the greens and repair divots; we do provide seed and soil mix for those times that the divot is not suitable for replacing and we ask that you fill the divot about 1/2 full and level the mix.

Lastly, we ask that your cell phone be switched to off or the "vibrate" mode. If you wish to make or receive a call please move outside of the clubhouse or into the front foyer. Texting and use of the world wide web is fine.

We are very proud of our golf course and we ask that you respect the rules that our Members are expected to adhere to during each and every one of their visits.

Good Golfing,

Greg McGarry
Interim General Manager
Glendale Golf & Country Club