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A share purchase is not only an investment in your golf game, it is an investment for your family. The Glendale Golf & Country Club does not charge a transfer fee if a decision is ever made to pass the share along to a spouse or sibling of the family. The Club has 465 shares issued and these are traded at the discretion of each owner on the open market. At various times the Club does own "Treasury Shares" but at no time will the Club  sell these shares to individuals unless the supply of private shares has been exhausted.

Initial Purchase Outline:
Purchase of Share - $3,000.00 *
Entrance Fee $15,000.00 **

*    Private share sales fluctuate in value, depending on market conditions
**  Entrance Fee Payment Schedule:
$   750.00 GST portion due at purchase; remaining $15,000 can be paid over the next five years interest free.

Upon receipt of the final payment a share will be issued in your name.

Annual Costs Outline:
Please click on the Shareholder Update From below to see annual cost for each category.


Shareholder Update/Application Form

Shareholder Responsibilities Document

Tee Time Access Chart