1/21/2021 2:27:39 PM

Wind Storm - Golf Course Update

After the windstorm Tuesday night and Wednesday morning that produced wind gusts up to 110km/hr, the golf course received significant damage to our trees.

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1/6/2021 11:12:55 AM

January 2021 Golf Course Update

As we move into the new year we would like to provide the membership with an update on the conditions of the golf course and the activities of the Turf Care crew.

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7/3/2020 12:58:35 PM

Bunker Project - Better Billy Bunker Drainage

We’ve just finished installing our 7th Better Billy Bunker drainage system in the fairway bunkers on #1. These bunkers were, by far, the worst for drainage and took the most time to repair after a heavy storm.  Aside from being difficult to maintain they were also not a great first impression being on hole number one.

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4/2/2020 2:08:17 PM

Course Update, April 2, 2020

Currently, 100% of the golf course is covered in snow, and with the most recent snowfall, there is well over 1 foot of snow remaining on the greens

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11/21/2019 10:40:37 AM

November 21st Golf Course Update

You might be wondering (again) what the recent weather is doing to your golf course. 


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