April 12, 2017 Golf Course Update

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April 12, 2017 Golf Course Update

With mother nature looking like it going to take a turn for the worse, Turf Care has been scrambling to get as much done as possible before the unfavourable weather hits.

Greens Covers
With the forecast showing rain and snow followed by cold overnight temperatures, Turf Care put all the greens covers back on this morning. The primary reason for reinstallation was to protect all greens, more importantly Poa, from cold overnight temperatures. Although our greens are prodimately bentgrass, there is still a percentage of poa in them. It is a very fine line this time of year because most turf has just started to break dormancy and when that happens its tolerance to cold temperatures declines. Turf Care will monitor underneath all coveres throughout the weekend and into early next week. When overnight temperatures come back to more seasonal, covers will be removed.

Small Putting Green Resurfacing
In conjunction with 7 green last fall, the small putting green behind 1 tee was also stripped and prepared for new grass.  The bulk of the work was done in the fall leaving some minor tweeking and installation of sod this spring.  Turf Care heard alot of comments regarding the severe sloping of the orginal small putting green. Last fall, myself and our contractor from Goodwin Golf spent a full day trying to "slow" it down as best as possible. More rootzone was brought in and where we could the green was slightly built up. This was extremely difficult given the location and the make-up of the work space.  Slopes went from 3-4.5% in most areas to 2.5-3.5%. The new grass is the same as 7 green, T1 bentgrass, which overwintered (without a tarp) on our nursury.

Here are a few pictures of the crew laying sod.

7 Green
Turf Care took the opportunity to get on 7 green Tuesday to start pushing the grow-in process further. The green was rolled, drag matted to knock sand down, cut, fertilized, watered and finally tarped. 

At this stage we are happy with how it is looking but need more help from mother nature with heat. In my last post I stated, soil temperatures need to be in the 5-7 degree Celsius range in order for roots to start diving and we havent seen that yet.  Fingers crossed this will happen soon.

Roots starting to dive.
Chris Prodahl
Golf Course Superintendent
Posted: 4/12/2017 3:15:23 PM by Chris Prodahl

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