April 25, 2017 Golf Course Update

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April 25, 2017 Golf Course Update

Maybe the greatest spring challenge here at The Glendale is how long the snow takes to melt and the ground to dry out because of extensive shade. One of the keys to having a good start to the season is for the turf to dry out as soon as possible, so it does not sit wet for extended periods, unfortunately this had been the case for the past 3 weeks . When the turf sits wet for extended periods it is susceptible to numerous plant health issues such as turf disease, poor vigor and crown rot. This is why we hope for a consistent warm melt followed by dry weather and no more snow. Because the shadows are so long at this time of year when the weather is cool and wet the turf can stay wet for weeks on end. Currently the golf course is 100% snow cover and extremely wet underneath.  Once the snow melts and areas start to dry out (not yet happened), Turf Care will start the extensive cleanup process.

When the driving range re-opens, the big practice putting green and short game practice areas will likely remain closed until the turf on the putting surfaces starts to grow. Without growth, the turf will not recover from foot traffic and the greens will be set back significantly.

Turf Care staff to-do list includes:

  • Preparing bunkers which includes moving sand and edging while waiting for the golf course to dry out.  Green-side bunkers will be the priority. 
  • Blowing and removing all debris from all playing surfaces.
  • Taking out all golf course accessories. Benches, ball washers, garbage cans, bunker rakes, etc.
  • First cuts on greens, tees, approaches, fairways and rough.
  • Irrigation start-up likely to take place Friday (April 28th)
  • Preparing and turning over flower beds
  • Numberous small construction projects from over winter tree removal
Fingers crossed this is the last of the snow and we get dry weather ahead.

Chris Prodahl
Golf Course Superintendent
Posted: 4/25/2017 1:14:35 PM by Chris Prodahl

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