Turf Care Staff Orientation

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Turf Care Staff Orientation

On Saturday April 8th the Turf Care Department held its annual staff orientation training day. Approximately 30 staff participated in the orientation to prepare staff for the upcoming golf season. The entire orientation program is designed to ensure all staff are prepared and educated to start contributing in a safe and efficient manner on their first day of work.

The orientation is a 3 hr session that starts at the club house with an introduction of all attendees. We review the clubs history, and communicate the importance of everyone’s role in helping to ensure The Glendale members have the best possible experience while they are at the golf course.

The first session of the day includes:

  • Review of Turf Care and Club policies
  • Review management / supervisor / employee responsibilities
  • Golf Course etiquette training video
  • Occupational Health and Safety training
  • WHMIS training and testing


Turf Care Yard Tour

  • Equipment operation and safety discussion
  • Emergency response plan review
  • Review equipment fueling procedures
  • Numerous miscellaneous policies such as staff parking, fire extinguisher location and equipment cleaning

Turf Care Facility Tour – Policy Review

  • Review shop etiquette
  • Fill out all required documentation
  • Review staff golf privileges 
  • Review work schedules
  • Reinforce importance of staff roles & duties

Equipment Repair Shop Tour

  • Shop etiquette
  • Review proper equipment maintenance techniques
  • Review the cost of equipment to create awareness and pride
  • Explain the expense and operational challenges of damaged equipment
  • Safety awareness discussion
  • Location of PPE, MSDS binder and First Aid station

Chris Prodahl
Golf Course Superintendent

Posted: 4/19/2017 3:26:46 PM by Chris Prodahl

Trackback URL: https://theglendale.com/trackback/4f4084bf-1c44-428d-bc86-51e507c39ad5/Turf_Care_Staff_Orientation.aspx?culture=en-US