April 19, 2018 Update

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April 19, 2018 Update

  • Currently, Turf Care staff removed the top layer of snow on 13 of 19 greens.  These greens hold snow longer than others due to their microclimate in which they sit.  The remaining six greens having parts of the tarps exposed. Our general rule of thumb is we won’t “help” the snow melt if there is tarp showing. We also experienced gas levels underneath of these 13 tarps to be on the concerning side as the snow was beginning to be too heavy to allow for proper gas exchange, even with the blowing of air.  
  • Turf Care staff started the bubble wrap and tarp removal today.  This would not be possible if we hadn’t removed snow from these greens. Holes 4. 10, 14, 16 and 17 were removed and all over-wintered great! We hope to remove 5-6 more tomorrow.17 Green (with heavy spots of sand showing)
  • Hole 4 and 14 had their bubble wrap and tarps removed first only to be replaced by “grow-in” tarps.  The plan is to push these two greens as hard as possible to get them open by the end of May but is completely weather dependent.

Driving Range
  • On Thursday, April 12 all culverts were installed for the new pole locations. Although conditions were not favorable, the contractor with the help of Turf Care staff was happy with how everything was installed. TC staff have been busy cleaning up each hole location so that when the driving range does open, it will be clean.  With the excess clay removed from each pole location, Turf Care staff are in the process of building three target greens on the range. These will be prepped before opening and sodded when the sod farm is cutting.
  • Snow depth on the range varies from 1”- 7”. TC Staff will help facilitate melting here as well.
  • Turf Care staff have been busy pumping and removing water from the course with 6-7 pumps running each day for 8 hours straight and at this point can’t keep up with the current melt!
  • We are currently 95% staffed for the upcoming season. We are lucky to have an 80% return rate which will result in less time spent on training, helping kick off the season on a strong note.
Cart Path Paving
  • Cart path paving is currently scheduled to commence June 4th and will continue through that week. If weather or conditions are not favorable, paving will be pushed back to August 7th.

A couple pictures from late afternoon.

Posted: 4/19/2018 8:18:44 PM by Chris Prodahl

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