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April 28th....The grass is waking up!

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April 28th....The grass is waking up!

Amazing. It always amazes me this time of year when the snow leaves, frost comes out of the ground and the grass begins to wake up. As Golf Course Superintendents and staff of Turf Care Departments, you get to watch the color change day by day and this year has been no different. What has been different is the speed in which this is happening. Two weeks ago we were blowing 2 feet of snow off of putting surfaces, just to speed up the melting process. One week ago we pulled tarps off of greens to get our first glimpse.  Three days ago, we fired up the irrigation system. And today, in 26OC heat and 40km winds, we can't keep the short grass moist enough. All while having three pumps still going steady on holes 13,14 and 16 because we can't keep the water off  the turf and stop it from coming through the property. 
Normally these processes happen over the month of April.

What a spring!.....and it's only April 28th.
These pictures are 1 week apart. April 21st and April 28th.

Today, Turf Care Foremans Mark Campbell and Scott Oosterveen sodded the ice damage on 6 green today. This area was in the high traffic pin-able location. Pictures of the process will be posted tomorrow.

The golf course is still very wet on 11,12 and 13,14 have lakes and rivers running across them. We will have a better idea of an opening date by Monday.
Posted: 4/28/2018 7:52:01 PM by Chris Prodahl

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