4 and 14 Greens Resurfacing

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4 and 14 Greens Resurfacing

Having consistently smooth, reliable and fast putting surfaces throughout the season is extremely important to the overall viability of The Glendale.
The 4th and 14th greens resurfacing will begin on September 25th and the project schedule calls for completion by the second week of October. Members will be back enjoying the new and improved greens in mid May 2018. .

  • The new putting surfaces on 4 and 14 will provide higher quality playing conditions that are more consistent and reliable from spring to fall and throughout the day with less inputs (fertility, water etc).  The current surface provides inconsistent and bumpy putting throughout the season and at different times of the day due to different growth habits of the two grass species and requires a lot more TLC to keep the poa alive.
  • T1 bent grass putting surfaces will provide improved reliability from winter kill ensuring Members are able to enjoy the highest standards of golf course conditioning early in the spring and throughout the golf season. It is impossible to completely eliminate poa encroachment from bentgrass greens. However, by increasing sunlight penetration, utilizing new species of bentgrass and continuing to adapt our cultural and chemical application programs, poa can be minimized and lengthen the life span of the new bentgrass greens.
  • The putting green contours within each green will stay the same and continue to provide Members the same challenges. By removing the poa patches it will add more hole locations to the green which will help enhance the playability and conditioning by spreading wear and tear to different areas of the green.
  • The selective tree removal that was done in the previous winter will help to provide optimal growing conditions for the putting surface. Enhanced sunlight on the green will help to slow down poa encroachment and enhance putting surface conditioning.
  • New green surface will be maintained with a focus on minimizing Poa encroachment which will include the elimination or significant reduction of greens aeration during the golf season.
  • You can expect the green to be slower and bumpier for the majority of the first year as it matures. One year from now the green will be consistent with the rest in terms of speed and playability.


Here are pictures from last year's process on 7.



Posted: 8/23/2017 12:17:35 PM by Chris Prodahl

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