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Divots and more Divots

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Divots and more Divots

Fairway Divot Repair – What is the Right Thing to Do?

The question often comes up; do you fill or replace the divot? The answer is always if there is enough “meat” to the divot, you replace it. If the divot explodes into pieces, please use the sand/seed mixture provided and that applies to divots in the rough as well. It is important to remember if the divot is replaced with the original piece of turf, that you step it down to make sure it is flush with the ground and if there are still voids fill them up with the sand and seed mix. A quick reminder, bottles of sand/seed are provided on all golf carts and at the 1st and 2nd tee. There are also divot boxes to fill your empty bottles at holes #6, #10, #12, #15 and at the backshop. A good goal would be to have an empty bottle once you putt out on #18.

Preferred Divot Pattern - Driving Range grass tee

As seen in the pictures below, following the preferred divot pattern promotes the quickest recovery. Please read the signage provided on the driving range for proper instructions.


Tee Divot Repair

Each par 3 is equipped with sand/seed boxes or bottles. These holes see the most divot traffic as a result of more iron play.  Turf Care does a number of practices to promote recovery in these areas including applying more fertilizer to the grass, slicing and aerating them more often etc. But the best practice is filling and leveling your divot each and every time with the existing divot (if enough “meat”) or with the sand and seed provided. 


Posted: 8/4/2017 1:15:31 PM by Chris Prodahl

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