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Rest and Recovery

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Rest and Recovery

Anyone who exercises on a regular basis knows the importance for rest and recovery. Getting the proper rest and recovery is important for the body, not only to get stronger but stay healthy at the same time.
Golf course turf is no different. It can be pushed to the very limits, but if not given the proper chance to rest and recover, the result will be a decline in turf health and ultimately poor surface quality. 
Next week we are allowing them a little rest and recovery. What defines rest and recovery on golf course turf? This week, rather than double cutting and rolling each day, we will likely single cut each day and roll. On Thursday, our scheduled spray application will include a little extra nitrogen in order to make sure the plants have the food they need. Ultimately, the presence of healthy leaf tissue is the key to high quality surfaces. Another practice performed starting Sunday night into Monday morning will be needle-tine (venting) aeration. This is a practice that should be done on a  routine basis but our golf calendar and weather has not given us the opportunity.  Needle tine aeration opens up the surface with a very small tine (5mm) without pulling a core. This practice provides air to the root-zone and relieves the effects brought on by frequent rolling and mowing.
Proper rest and recovery of golf course turf allows us to provide a consistent, strong product.

Here are pictures of before and after.
Before the roll

After the roll


Posted: 8/9/2017 2:20:36 PM by Chris Prodahl

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