August Turf Care Update

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August Turf Care Update

Turning the calendar to August means many things for the Turf Care Department. The days become noticeably shorter, staff start to think about their last days of work before they head back to school and for the golf course, we begin to think about preparing the turf for the winter to come.

This August for the Turf Care Department will be a busy one.  Here is a glimpse of what you can expect. 

Greens venting and tee aeration
Venting (needle tine) in conjunction with topdressing of all greens will take place the night of August 12 and continue into the morning of the 13th. This agronomic practice helps relieve compaction and "sealing off" and allows water and oxygen to move through the sand profile benefiting the overall health of the turf. This practice has no impact on ball roll.
Tee aeration will start this week and will continue everyday until completed. This is another practice that is important for overall turf health.
Leveling of irrigation trenches
Levelling irrigation trenches will also start this week with Turf Care staff starting on 3 fairway and rough. The process looks like this. Aerate (pull a core), shovel/pick up cores, drench area by hand and roll with a 3-ton asphalt roller. This process will be repeated until acceptable smoothness is created. After completion each trench will receive a heavy hand topdress to level out any imperfections.  Please be mindful of staff as this will be done in play. Thank you for your patience. 
Cart path prep and paving
Preparations for cart path paving will also begin this week on 3 tee and work backwards to 1 green. This step in the paving process will be done by Turf Care staff. To create maximum efficiency, we ask all members to yield to the tractor/trailers as well as all staff will be told to work through play. We also ask that you follow the rope, stakes and cart signage to ensure golf carts are not parked in the way of staff. 
Once this section is complete and ready for asphalt the cart path will open to members and staff will move to 14 green/15 tee and 3 green to 5tee. 
Asphalt contractor will be on site after the September long weekend to start paving. 
Wet weather has a direct impact on all work. It is also important to note that in order to complete the above tasks, some jobs may go a day or two without being done. For example, bunkers will get raked 3-4 days a week instead of the usual 7 days a week so please take the extra time to rake your footsteps out for the person behind you. 
Posted: 8/7/2018 4:58:44 AM by Chris Prodahl

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