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Golf Course Update

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Golf Course Update

Golf Course Update

With the recent heavy snowfalls, the golf course is now 100% covered. Snow depth range from 10” to 3’ in depth. These are depths every Golf Course Superintendents wishes for. However this was not the case in November/December.  As many of you will remember we had some unusual warm temperatures around November 23rd and again around December 14th followed by extreme cold temperatures. These warm temperatures created ice formation in many areas throughout the golf course. With the tarping systems in place it gives us protection from the freeze/thaw cycles that we experienced. However we are not completely “in the clear”. The freeze/thaw cycle that happened in December created ice in many areas including under the tarp on #17, due to the that rapid melting. Other areas that currently have ice include #1 approach, #10 approach, #11 approach and many low lying areas. Turf Care staff continue to monitor these areas and when the forecast changes to above zero temps for an extended period, action will be taken by removing the existing snow layer, removing the tarp on 17 and black sand will be applied.  The approaches will have the snow removed and black sand applied as well when that time comes.

This winter has been everything but comforting but in talking with colleagues, there are many clubs in alot worse shape. Thankfully we have a tarping system in place that protects us from having this situation happen on all greens.


Turf Care staff continues to monitor oxygen and carbon dioxide levels underneath tarps and blow air when needed.


Tree Removal

Turf Care staff continue to work through the golf course removing all dead and dangerous trees and in some areas, this is long overdue. There have been no living trees taken out to date. In the coming weeks, staff will focus on trees next to cart paths that will have a direct affect on paving. This will include living trees.



Our extensive staffing plan has started and so far we are happy to report many staff will be returning for another season. This bodes well of the Turf Care Department as there will be less time spent on training and more on preparing the golf course for opening.  


Shop Improvements and Projects

At the end of each season the core Turf Care staff get together to talk about the success and look at areas for improvements. Last winter, there was a large amount of time spent on cleaning/organizing and making the shop and yard more functionable. This winter we tied up the remaining items on that list which included moving grinders, painting and focusing on Joel’s work stations. Turf Care staff have also been building new water coolers for out on the golf courses. More information on this to come.



Posted: 2/22/2018 2:55:04 PM by Chris Prodahl

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