Power Carts....Here is what you need to consider when driving.

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Power Carts....Here is what you need to consider when driving.

Cart traffic on any golf course is unavoidable. 99% of all golf courses have carts whether it be for members and guests or or to maximize efficiency for Turf Care staff.  They are everywhere.  Here at The Glendale, Turf Care staff have been trained to drive and park their carts in certain areas to help spread out the "wear and tear". They are asked to drive on the fairways at all times and park in areas next to greens and tees where most golfers won't.

One thing many may not know is that all different areas of the golf course are treated differently, whether it be greens, tees, fairways or rough. They all require a certain amount of attention to have them at the highest standard each day. A simple rule of thumb - the shorter the grass, the more attention required therefore they can handle more traffic. An area that I'd like to key in on is cart traffic in rough.

Rough and fairways have very different maintenance programs. Fairways need and require more attention due to being cut at a shorter height than rough. Fairways are cut at 12.7mm (1/2") and are cut 5 days a week and fertilized every three weeks during June, July and August. Rough on the other hand is cut 3-4 times a week at a height of  44mm(1.75") and fertilized 2-3/growing season. Turf Care has worked really hard to provide its members a healthy stand of rough and eliminating the "wash board" by minimizing mowing frequency (traffic), changing directions of cut, adding supplemental fertilizer applications and hand-watering  thin and weak areas.

 How you can help?

We ask that you keep your power carts on the fairways at all times, even if your ball is in the rough. Using these simple steps will help.

  • Follow the cart signage at the start of the hole
  • Drive directly to the fairway
  • When your ball is in the rough, park on the outside edge of the fairway
  • Keep all four tires on the fairway at all times until you exist at the gravel path by the green.

The practices are especially important moving forward into the fall months when the growth of the rough slows down moving into winter. By following these simple steps it will ensure the rough is kept healthy through each growing season.

Chris Prodahl
Golf Course Superintendent

Posted: 7/28/2017 12:17:34 PM by Chris Prodahl

Trackback URL: https://theglendale.com/trackback/d7455566-bc4f-45d2-9924-98e1fd227257/Power_Carts_Here_is_what_you_need_to_consider_when_driving.aspx?culture=en-US