Newly Naturalized Areas

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Newly Naturalized Areas

Turf Care has selected areas that are low risk of coming in play to golfers and turning them into naturalized areas.  While doing this, we are using two different methods.
The areas behind 6 tee, 13 green and right of 18 tees
Behind 13 Green

These areas we’re originally a native stand of trees and shrubs.  They we’re removed to increase sunlight on tees and increase air movement throughout these areas.  Increasing the sunlight and air movement will help improve the quality of turf in the surrounding areas and reduce the risk of disease on turf.
Turf Care then shaped these areas and seeded them with a glyphosate (Round-up) tolerant fine fescue which will grow 12-18 inches in height.  The fine fescue has a slim leaf blade resulting in a wispier stand of grass.  These areas may take up to 2 years to fully establish.
In September of 2017, behind 13 green, Turf Care used a straw mat to protect the newly planted seeds from the elements of Mother Nature, which helped the fescue establish mulch quicker.  This past June, the areas on 6 and 18 had a layer of sand put down and then seeded on top of the sand.  The use of sand was used to limit the amount of nutrients and moisture in the root zone of the grass.  This will stop the grass from becoming too dense and should result in a yellower leaf blade which will create a great contrast between the fescue and the surrounding area.  Due to the very hot and dry spring, establishing these areas has been very difficult.  Turf Care will look into using a straw matting system to protect the seeds when they reseed these areas again in August.
Tee Surrounds
Left of 16 Tee

As many of you have probably noticed the white stakes with green tops around tee surrounds, the purpose of these is to mark off areas where the Turf Care operators will not mow.  These areas have been started around tee boxes on 3,6,8,12,15, and 16 and we will continue to expand on these areas this season.  Some of these areas are fully established (left of 16 tee) while others are slowly progressing.
Irrigation heads have been adjusted or turned off to reduce the amount of water these areas see.  The reduce moisture will help thin these areas out. 
What’s the purpose?
The purposes of these practices are; it’s environmentally friendly and it reduces the time and costs of maintaining these areas, which will be used to focus on more important areas of the golf course like greens, tees, fairways, etc.
  • Reduce water usage
  • Reduce energy from not having to run pumps to water these areas
  • No fertilizer
  • Any run off of fertilizer will be taken up by the plant before it reaches ponds
  • Reduced fuel
  • Reduce emissions from equipment
Cost and Time Savings
  • Energy from running pumps
  • Labour
  • Fertilizer
  • Fuel
  • Wear and tear on equipment
Final Thoughts
As these areas help the club become more environmentally friendly and allow us to reallocate labour, they are not completely chemical and labour free.  Turf Care will control weeds and may trim these areas down once or twice a year at a higher height of cut (4-6 inches) to make sure they are constantly visually pleasing.  The club is working towards becoming Audubon Certified and this movement will help us with the process.  For more information about Audubon please visit
Turf Care asks that you please not drive carts through these areas and thank you for being patients while these areas develop.
Mike Nelson
Assistant Golf Course Superintendent
Posted: 7/17/2018 4:32:15 PM by Mike Nelson

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