How to properly repair your ball mark

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How to properly repair your ball mark

More often than not I find many ball marks everyday that have been fixed the incorrect way. There is no one more to blame than the golf professionals on tv. Often times you will see them lift up the inside on the ball mark up to flatten it out to provide a smooth surface. This, in fact, is the wrong way. Lifting up and/or twisting severs the roots which results in death to the turf. Below is a picture showing a ball marked fixed the in-correct way.

Here are a few simple steps to follow to properly fix a ball mark .
Step 1 - push the area that has been displaced by the golf ball back in the direction from which the golf ball was hit.
Step 2 - push in the sides of the ball mark, avoid prying, lifting up or twisting as this will sever the roots and kill the turf.
Step 3 – push in the front of the ball mark.
Step 4 – with your putter, gently tap down the surface to make the area flush with its surrounding.

Here is what that looks like.

                 Unrepaired ball mark on the left                     vs                          Properly repaired
Click the link below to view a short video the USGA put together regarding the proper way to fix a ball mark.
Did you know?
The average number of ball marks made on a green per round is 8 per golfer. Assuming only 130 rounds are played each day, greens would recieve 1,040 ball marks daily; 31,000 per month or more than 187,000 per golf season.

 Chris Prodahl
Golf Course Superintendent
Posted: 6/23/2017 1:44:52 PM by Chris Prodahl

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