Golf Course Update and Introduction

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Golf Course Update and Introduction

With the recent warm(er) temperatures many members are wondering what's happening at their golf course. After a thorough inspection on Thursday here is what Turf Care found.

  1. Golf course is 90% snow cover with the high mounds and select tree lines showing turf.
  2. Snow depths range from 1" to 18" in drifted spots. Most areas have a hard crusted layer on top.
  3. A peak under a few tarps is showing that everything is looking good. Turf Care will continue to closely monitor.
  4. New ice has formed over the past 2 weeks in low lying areas on fairways and rough. Turf Care will be closely watching the forecast and ready to snow blow these areas to help facilitate melting to accelerate the drying up process.
  5. With the most recent forecast showing above seasonal temperatures we plan to open the driving range as soon as possible. Turf Care will help facilitate melting on the driving range when the timing is right.
Snow depth on 15 green

Turf Care would like to introduce the newest member to team, Mike Nelson. Mike comes to us with over 16 years of experience in the golf course industry. Growing up in Golden BC,  Mike worked at the golf course there for 10 years. Mike is an Olds College graduate that spent the last four years at Pinebrook Golf and Country Club in Calgary. Mike has a single digit handicap.
Chris Prodahl
Golf Course Superintendent
Posted: 3/24/2017 12:35:41 PM by Chris Prodahl

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