Golf Course Opening and Spring Aeration

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Golf Course Opening and Spring Aeration

Golf Course Update

As the snow melts and the frost comes out of the ground, Turf Care staff have been working hard on preparing the golf course for opening on Tuesday May 9th. The golf course is still very wet in the usual spots which has not allowed us to get to those areas to clean.

The large putting green opened Wednesday afternoon. The practice area will be opened by the weekend.

To date:

  • All greens have been cut and rolled twice
  • All fairways and rough have been cut
  • All tees have been cut and fertilized
  • Irrigation start up on April 27/28th with three minor leaks
  • All on-course and clubhouse flower beds have been weeded and turned up
  • Golf course accessories have started to be put in place
  • 90% of the bunkers have been pumped, cleaned and sand moved in them. The other 10% still have water running into them.
What you can expect for opening day:
Greens - Overall in great shape but will be slow and bumpy due to spring aeration and the late opening.
Fairways - Slowly starting to dry and green up with select winter damage due to dessication from lack of snow late last fall. But overall in great shape.
Tees and Rough -  Starting to fill in and green up.
Cart Path - Turf Care will be working on repairing areas from the wet spring once the golf course is open.
Washroom on 8 - currently under renovation but there will be a port-a-potty placed next to it.
Hole 7 - closed due to the grow-in of new green. The 19th hole will be open and ready if you want to play a full 18 before or after your round.

Spring Greens Aeration

Spring greens aeration that was originally schedule for May 1st and 2nd has been rescheduled, due to how wet and soft the greens were, to May 7th and 8th. This process is crucial for overall plant health and sets us up well for a very busy golf season. Aeration on fairways has been cancelled all together.

This process includes:

  • Mow and roll all greens before aeration
  • Topdress at a medium rate
  • Deep tine using a 9.5mm(3/8") in diameter, 11" deep. No cores will be pulled.
  • Over-seed with bent grass
  • Brush in sand and roll

These pictures were taken last year following our spring aeration. Roots dive down the new "opening" from the solid tine aeration looking for oxygen and water. Deep roots in the spring help turf get through the heat and stress of summer. The root hanging from the hole changer is a direct result of the diving effect from aeration.

Chris Prodahl
Golf Course Superintendent

Posted: 5/4/2017 3:16:34 PM by Chris Prodahl

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