May 16, 2017 Golf Course Update

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May 16, 2017 Golf Course Update

The course for the most part has dried up nicely with the exceptions of the right rough along Horseshoe Lake, the 2nd half of 14 fairway, and around 15 tees.  This has allowed the Turf Care team to begin scheduled mowing practices of fairways, rough, and tee and green surrounds.  Thanks to the great weather last week, aeration holes from last week’s deep tine aeration are close to being completely healed.
Moving into the 2nd week of the course being opening, Turf Care will be working thoroughly on improving the aesthetics of the golf course.
  • Weed control on tees and around bunkers (weather permitting)
  • Removal of growing vegetation in bunkers
  • Cleanup of debris under trees
  • String trimming around bunkers, under trees, and around course accessories
  • Continue pumping standing water off areas in play
Projects to be completed in the near future
  • Reclaiming the area right of 11 green to the same extent as the area left of 4 green
  • Finish leveling, sodding, and seeding the remaining stump holes
  • Leveling irrigation trenches on 10 fairway

With many new employees recently starting, senior staff and management will continue the extensive training programs for all staff on turf management responsibilities and proper etiquette when working around members and their guests.

Mike Nelson
Assistant Golf Course Superintendent
Posted: 5/16/2017 6:12:27 AM by Mike Nelson

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