Opening Day has arrived and this is what you can expect.

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Opening Day has arrived and this is what you can expect.

With the extended long winter in the rear-view mirror and the golf course set to open this afternoon, Turf Care would like to give you a brief overview of what you can expect for your first round of golf and the weeks to come.
Putting Surfaces
  • Overall the putting surfaces wintered very well. It is very evident that the bentgrass on greens, collars and approaches survived very well through one of the harshest and non-normal winters. Poa on the other hand was hit very hard!
  • Holes 4 and 14 wintered very well and Turf Care staff are pushing them for a late May opening.Hole 7 also came through winter in great shape.
  • Turf Care’s main focus this spring is to promote density throughout the putting surfaces and work to strengthen the plant in preparations of the stresses to come in the summer months. Members can expect greens to be bumpy and soft for the first couple weeks.
  • While most are in great shape, #5,6 and 18 have sections of winter injury on them from a result of ice damage. The section on #6 (150sq.ft) was sodded last week due to its location (pin-able area). The other areas will remain under covers for a couple weeks to help push germinations and promote recovery.Please be mindful and avoid walking on these areas.Turf Care staff will keep pin locations away to help in avoiding traffic. Other greens have minor ice damage but these areas will fill in faster than these larger areas that were just talked about.
  • Most areas came out of winter in great shape with very strong turf showing, while there are few areas that did not. Two types of winter injury occurred; ice damage and cold temperature damage.
    • The ice damage will be seen in low lying areas that are notoriously wet as well as other areas in which water melted and ran off tarps only to freeze on approaches and collars. You will see here again Bentgrass did very well while the Poa did not. #10 approach was hit the hardest which Turf Care sodded out yesterday.
    • Cold temperature damage will be seen on parts of fairways including #3,5,6,9,10,11 and 17. These areas are always the first to lose its snow resulting in being more exposed to the elements.
  • All areas have been aggressively verticut and fertilized. Please be mindful when driving your carts and keep them out of these areas when possible. These areas will bounce back with a little heat, water and fertilizer.
  • #6 fairway was sprayed with two different fall protection products. One that is test and new to the market and the other is the product we have been using for a number of years. While both did their job, the product on the right when looking at the green is two weeks ahead in recovery.
Tees and Rough
  • Again, most areas wintered very well. Some tees suffered ice damage. Turf Care has started the recovery process on them as well.

Poa patch that didnt survive winter

#10 fairway damage from being exposed to cold temperatures

Posted: 5/4/2018 8:27:24 AM by Chris Prodahl

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