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Opening of #4 and #14 Greens....Here is what you can expect.

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Opening of #4 and #14 Greens....Here is what you can expect.


•    The new greens on 4 and 14 are set to open tomorrow,  May 24th, nine days earlier than 7 green last year. Turf Care will monitor it closely to see how they handle traffic from golfers, which in some cases they may require an afternoon syringe. These greens will remain open for the weekend. But on Monday, they may close for the day to give them a break. We will know more by Sunday.   This “soft" opening allows Turf Care to do the work it needs to focus on the overall long-term health of the turf.

•    The new putting surface on 4 and 14, and similar to 7, will provide a higher quality of playing conditions that are more consistent from spring to fall and throughout the day whether playing in the morning or at night. The previous surface provided inconsistent and bumpy putting surface throughout the season and at different times of the day due to different growth habits of the two grass species.

•    T1 bentgrass putting surfaces will provide improved reliability from winter kill ensuring Members are able to enjoy the highest standards of golf course conditioning early in the spring and throughout the golf season. It is impossible to completely eliminate poa encroachment from bentgrass greens. However, by increasing sunlight penetration, utilizing new species of bentgrass and continuing to adapt our cultural and chemical application programs, poa can be minimized and lengthen the lifespan of the new bent grass greens.

•    The selective tree removal that was done in the previous winter will help to provide optimal growing conditions for the putting surfaces. Enhanced sunlight on the green will help to slow down poa encroachment and enhance putting surface conditioning.

•    The new green surfaces will be maintained with a focus on minimizing poa encroachment which will include the elimination or significant reduction of greens aeration during the golf season.

•    You can expect the greens to be slower and bumpier for the majority of the first year as it matures. One year from now the green will be consistent with the rest in terms of speed and playability.

Lastly, you as members can significantly help slow poa encroachment by properly fixing your ball marks. Please click the link below to watch a short video from the USGA on how to properly fix a ball mark.
Posted: 5/23/2018 9:15:55 AM by Chris Prodahl

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