A Perspective from Allan Williams, Turf Care Intern

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A Perspective from Allan Williams, Turf Care Intern

Working in the Turf Care Department at the
Glendale Golf & Country Club

The mission statement of the Glendale sits above the job board in the maintenance shop.  We see it each day as members of the Turf Care Department.  Striving to present the best possible playing conditions each and everyday is a challenge, however as a member of the team, I feel it is a challenge we meet head on.  Always having the Glendale play its best is not just words on the wall.  It is a philosophy actualized and practiced by the turf care team on a daily basis.
Throughout the season, some of the cultural practices we employ may at first glance appear to be disruptive to the course. Aeration is the prime example that comes to mind.  Greens may not be as receptive to an incoming shot, the putt won’t roll as true, and it can take time before the turf recovers from effects of removing so many cores.  Until the turf grass recovers it may feel as though the playing conditions have almost moved in reverse.
As a student of turf grass, I understand the detriment to the membership when such practices are employed upon the course.  However, the reasoning behind the practice will undoubtedly yield positive long term results for the course.  Aeration will help with gas exchange within the turf, relieve the effects of compaction, remove thatch, allow moisture penetration and much more.  The longstanding health of the turf is the main focus of the grounds department at the Glendale and as a worker I hope the difference can be seen when the results of our work manifests itself.  Longevity of the course is key and the work we do comes to fruition mostly over the long term.  Always presenting the best conditions today and keeping focus on tomorrow is a keen perspective brought forward to our team by our Superintendent Mr. Prodahl and the Assistant Mr. Nelson.  Their passion and attention to detail drives the team to produce results.
It is a true pleasure to be a member of the Glendale team.  A golf course that is ever evolving and not afraid to embrace a vision of the future is inspiring.  From resurfacing the seventh green, rebuilding the nursery within the course, resurfacing the putting green in front of the clubhouse, chasing back treelines and reclaiming area as playable along the eleventh and seventeenth holes, it seems to me as an employee that The Glendale embraces the future and provides the Turf Care Department with the leadership and the tools required to always keep the mission statement we read each day in focus.
Presenting the best possible golf experience to the membership is what we strive for and as a member of the Turf Care team at the Glendale I truly hope that is where we excel.

Allan Williams
Turf Care Intern - 2 year Turf Care member


Posted: 9/10/2017 8:15:32 AM by Allan Williams

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