A look ahead to next week

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A look ahead to next week

After club championship weekend, Turf Care switches its mind set from focusing on play-ability to promoting turf health  and density going into winter. Everything that is done from here to the end of October will have a direct impact on next springs conditions. 

With that being said here is a look ahead to next week.

Greens Aeration

Greens aeration will take place Tuesday (Sept.26th) on the back 9 greens and Thursday (27th) on the front 9 and big practice green.  The greens will core aerated and heavily topdressed each day by Turf Care staff. Once this extensive process is complete, greens will be noticeably bumpier for the remainder of the season.  In conjunction with the greens aeration, fairways and approaches will be lightly topdressed and sliced.  Also while this process is happening please note that the nine holes that is open to member play will be on a no frills basis. This will allow Turf Care staff to focus on executing aeration to the highest standard. 

For a more in-depth look into step by step of aeration , please refer to the Turf Care Blog on the members website.

Soil Testing:

  • Greens are soil tested 1 month prior to the scheduled aeration to determine requirements for aeration. The soil test provides scientific information that helps to determine what type of aeration that is best for our greens. The categories of the soil test include information such as:
    • Compaction - How hard the green surface has become over the past calendar year
    • Air porosity ratio - Grass needs a correct balance of air & water for drainage and root growth. This ratio should be a 1:1. Right now on select greens we are closer to a 1:4 air to water.
    • Water infiltration - How quick water is able to penetrate the green surface
    • Water holding capacity - Too much leads to weak turf
    • Organic matter percentage - "Sponginess" that leads to excessive ball marking & slow green speeds

Greens Aeration Process:

  • Greens will be aerated with an 11mm diameter hollow tine
  • Tines penetrate the surface of the green approximately 4"
  • Approximately 3% of the green surface is affected by the holes
  • Aeration cores are removed by staff using snow shovels
  • Each green is topdressed with approximately 2 tonnes of sand to fill the aeration holes
  • One of the most critical aspects of the process is to ensure all aeration holes are filled to the top with sand
    • This is a very labour intensive process using brooms, drag mats and blowers
    • Dry conditions are essential for success
  • Seed will be dropped on all greens as the last step.
  • Greens are fertilized 2 times the week prior to aeration and once immediately following aeration. These fertilizer applications maximize specific turf growth that will minimize the recovery process and the length of time the greens have holes in them

End product


Resurfacing 4 & 14 green

The recent forecast looks to be in our favor for the start the resurfacing project on Monday.  Goodwin Golf will arrive on site Monday morning when the sod cutter hits the ground. Our goal is to have both 4 and 14 surfaces stripped by end of day Wednesday.  If the weather cooperates, the plan is to have both greens sodded by October 4th. 

The contours on both greens and their approaches will be maintained to their original design, shape and size.

The contractor and Turf Care staff will be instructed to not stop for golfers while traveling through play as this will ensure the project finishes as fast as possible.  Also please avoid driving down the cart path on 4 while work is in progress to avoid interfering with construction. 

Chris Prodahl
Golf Course Superintendent

Posted: 9/23/2017 11:08:25 AM by Chris Prodahl

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